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Croton Men's "Super C" Stainless Steel Quartz Watch with Silicon Strap



Black Strap Blue Dial
Black Strap Red Dial
Black Strap White Dial
Black Strap Yellow Dial

Between the black dial and the black Silicon strap you have the perfect backdrop for these numbers to pop right out at you.

What a perfect idea to use a satin finished bezel against a high polished case and then put high polished numbers on the bezel with a high polished edge which makes it easy to rotate. The high polish touches pick up the light from everywhere including the high polished edges of the hands which are luminous. The Red C on the second hand adds that special touch all its own. All of this is working with a SII VJ45B quartz movement protected by a Sphereulite crystal. Best of all its attached to a soft yet strong Silicon strap with a buckle closure with eight holes making it as adjustable as can be.


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