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Croton Watches

An ever-evolving brand which has remained loyal to its origins

Since their creation, Croton Watches has been known to be representative of the distinctive craftsmanship of Swiss watchmakers, and the expansive creativity of Italian style. Within the Italian landscape lies a city, historically known for the intelligence, strength and physical beauty of its inhabitants; CROTON.


The birth of the Croton Watch Company

Established in a town in Southern Italy known for its art, architecture and fashion, Croton Watches first began its journey, quickly becoming known in the region as a quality product made by talented watchmakers. Created with the unrivalled skills and expertise of Swiss horologists, and combined with the artistry and flair of Italy, Croton Watches evolved as a superior watch brand which would maintain the respect and trust of its customers for years to come.

Croton Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our belief is that products should be built to last, that’s why Croton is proud to offer a limited lifetime warranty. Your watch is covered for its lifetime under the terms and conditions of this warranty.