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About Us

Switzerland, famous for a people of impeccable nature, from whom the most precise instruments of time measurement are generated and situated in a region that is married to the greatest producer of high fashion; Italy. Within the Italian landscape lies a city, historically known for the intelligence, strength and physical beauty of its inhabitants; CROTON.

The global position of a land possessing people who excelled at precision, strength and beauty led to the natural selection of Croton as the namesake for a timepiece company who sought to establish its very essence on quality, precision and style back in 1878.

As Croton evolved through the years it remained loyal to its origins, always striving to innovate and captivate consumers with its ability to consistently create highly sought after timepieces, ever so precise, at a value all are quick to recognize. By the mid 1900’s Croton had become one of the most sought after and respected names. In 1991 the brand was acquired by Nationwide Time, a family owned business specializing in the manufacture and wholesale of fine timepieces for generations. Nationwide Time had been searching for the right brand to infuse their experience and passion into and they found it in Croton. Nationwide Time President David Mermelstein explains “our family had been quite successful in the watch business since the 1960’s. We were looking to take our business to the next level and we knew that the time had come to either create or acquire a brand that we could build and work with for generations to come. When we learned about Croton’s rich and prestigious history, coupled with the fact that, like our company, Croton had always been family owned, we instinctively knew that Croton was exactly what we had been waiting for.”